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Ding Walla

There once lived a strange creature in the packed full jungle of Africa...There only two of them in the world and they are a Crabalion.Its half a lion and half a crab. It can climb to as high as Mount Everest.He mostly goes up there ,because its the highest mountain in the world.When he's up there he barely comes back down.He has a brother called Walla Ding he dose the exact same as his brother , but they only have flying and climbing in common.They hunt down preditors that are bullys they are hunters who ankle bite them and then go down onto the floor and crawl our of the jungle.Then they eat fish that they have caught and thats how the Crabalion lives.



Princess Ashley by Heather Mcfadyen

"Hi im Ashley."" I was little I was born with a birds left ear so I can fly because of it and I always cover it up"."I am 15 years old(i no im still very very young) but I live with my Boyfriend prince Kyle and two adorable Kids Amanda (aged 2 ) and Liam (aged 5).""I live in a castle and I am super rich!!!""I also have the best job in the world im a model I model all over the world.""My hair coulor is blond and I am 5 feet I think well thats what height I was the last time I checked my eye colour is blue and i have butiful tanned skin and a very skinny body(because im on a diet)!!""I love to sing my favourite singer is Amy Mcdonald when she sings I have to sing along!""But my ultimet thing to do is shop I love to shop I would shop day and night eny day of the week eny week any year!!!""I go to cheerleading and dancing it is so much fun!""Thats some about me il be writing in my diary tommorow bye for now ciao!!!

By Heather Mcfadyen


Furry Longstocking by Bili

Hi my name is Furry Longstocking, Im 13 years old. I live in the scary woods with a long path to nowhere. I live with my caring Mun and funny Dad.
Furry has some secret powers, She can cast spells (OoOoOoO) and she can fly high up in the sky. Well Furry is only 4 feet ( very small). She was born on 13th April.
She loves playing with all her friends, Zalalading, Holly, Muff Muff, Bill Bill, Amy, Bili and Ellie. Furry goes to school but not just any it is animal school. She goes to school with friendly dogs, funny rabbits, scary tigers, caring cat's and lots more.
By Bili


All About Candice By Rachael

Candice Mc Kenzie is a gorgeous fourteen year old. She loves to go shopping
with her dog Candy. Her dog is a cute loveble Laso Apso. They both love
going to town and their favourite shop is New Look. Candice lives with
her Mum, Dad and her three big sisters called Nicole, Nicola and Nicky.
Her big sisters are very mean to her, except the youngest - She is only
fifteen and the two oldest are Nicle and Nicola, they are twins. Her
cousine is a cat called Fluffy and all of her faimaly live at the zoo.

She has a really big secret. Whenever she gets upset, she goes to her
boyfriends house, who is twenty three!
Her Mum doesn't allow her because he is to old and he gives her loads
of money to spend on shopping and she is addicted, so she has to sneak out.


By Emma M

Only three creatures left of out there of the Wingdill family. No one has ever saw Batwing, Flapper and Arkbat.
He has horns and hair on his head. There is nothing different about his head than mine. He has sharp arms and bat wing and (that is how he got his name). Surprisingly, he wears normal clothes, his legs are as furry as a polar bear, he has big feet.

He works at his dad's restaurant underground because he makes the family recipes. he adds all the ingredients, then blow fire on it. The restaurant is a bit like a cave. He lives in a plane-boat above Scotland (It can fly or go in water).


Bellena by Sarah

Hi, I'm Bellena. I'm a Pea-pol-zeb-guin-monarch butterfly or a Pezegamoby for short. I have a human face with short, blond hair tied up in bunches. My eyes are oak brown and my lips are bluey green. I have peacock feathers sprouting from my head in lots of shades of blue. My ears are white and fluffy and I have wings that are black and red. I have a human torso with stripy zebra arms. The bottom half of my body is like a penguin. Its soft black and white fur with little orange feet. I live in a little house, in a little street under ground of the local park with my family. I have a Mum, Dad, baby brother and my pet cockroach called Rouchy. He is my best friend in the whole world.


Emily By Hannah

I'm Emily and I'm nearly normal but I can fly.
My whole family flies but my sister and I can fly highest because we both have brown bunches that spin around really fast and that gives us a boost.
I love swimming and making friends my best friends are Sensible, Batwing and Bellina.They can all fly too so we have races(I'm usually first).
Eating chocolate is my worst habbit, I go mad with Crunchies.
I live in the country and I have an enormous house so we can all practise flying.
I'm four years old and I have brown eyes and brown hair.I'm a fussy eater so I'm skinny.I fly so high I have a brilliant tan.
So apart from the flying part I'm just normal,


Sensible by Bethany

This is Sensible. Sensible is a kind girl. She has an incredible power, the power to become invisible. The way Sensible became invisibile was when an invisible spider bit her. Her age is 4 and she lives with her family, of her Mum, Dad and brother called sibby. Their home is in the sky. Sensible appearance is long blonde straight hair.Her height is 2 metres she has lovely shiny green eyes and a body shape is a small, thin girl. She goes to a wongerful school and enjoys meeting her friends Emily and Batwing. Three interesting things about her, is she is very kind. She finds it hard to make friends and she never fights with her brother.


Arachno Kid Arises by Ben

Arachno Kid is a 1109 year old kid who is a janitor in a school in Texas.He lives with his mum Arachno woman,his dad Arachno man,his sister Arachnita Kid and his companion (Best Friend) Inga Oonga.He lives in a little cave by the sea in North Texas and Him and his companion are always trying to take over the world but they never succeed.He got taunted and teased in school because he had red beady eyes,a lion main,he is ten foot two and has scary fangs.He can fly and his hobbies are eating insects and people but worst of all his worst habit is pickinghis nose, he loves it so much he even bought the super sonic nose picker 2000(see loves it alot).Well anyway there quite scary so stay away.Oh by the way there enemies are Rab penguin and Mutant Man and there scary too so surely this is the end of the earth.Wait and find out!!


My Made-Up Character By Ellie

About Zalalading
"Hey, my name's Zalalading, I know, it's a weird name! I am exactly 12 years, 3 months and 11 days. I live with the ugly toad that captured me. (we'll be on that chapter soon.)" explained Zalalading, "I haven't seen my family in about 2 years. *SNIFFLE*. Sorry, I always get a bit bubbly when I talk about them. (I had 2 sisters and 3 brothers, a mum and dad) I wonder if they miss me ? I miss them dearly. I bet the toad will want his water ." explained Zalalading quietly. The toad did not like her talking about ... her family.
"ZALALADINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!" screamed the frog, "I NEED YOU NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!" roared the Toad. He was so mean, and impatient.
The toad captured Zalalading when she was about 10. She was in her garden and her mum had nipped out to the shops to get bread and milk. Then there was a knock at the door ... Zalalading's friend was coming over then, so she thought it would be her, but it was a very ugly toad, he said, "come with me, you will be my servant!"
When Zalalading's mum came home, Zalalading had gone ...
By Ellie


Serafina Dicena By Emma Howat

"Hello I'm Serafina Dicena. I have pale blue blood and I live with my crabs Clusty And Misty. I have blonde swirling hair. I' m quite small for my age and I can fly. (I can't tell you my age because I can't remember), I also have a peacocks tail."
"198,765,453,210 years ago I flew here (the end of the world) I knew that because I have a year counter, because all the children my age teased me. Sometimes when I lost my temper, I would strangle them( with my octopus arms" )
"If I have the time I would fly to crab heaven to find out about my parents. The first news I got was that they had flew to the start of the world ( before dinosaurs because the dinosaurs would eat them) They live under the dust so as I can't see them!( cruel aren't they ,they wouldn't even let me visit them) SOB! It makes me cry!"
"Oh! Another thing if you ever want to visit me, and bring a present, you could buy some
roasted tongues(my crabs love those).


Brooke By Caitlin

Period three, french class was so boring until a 5ft 4, brown haired girl came through the doors. A gorgeous body with an amaing tan. She walked up to the back row where the empty seat was and sat down. All the boys and girls could tell that she would be popular because she was chewing gum in the most strickest teachers class! Though of course she didnt know that because it was her first day. Ring,Ring the class was finished and time for gym, Brooke's all time favourite subject. After gym was finished and Brooke was out of the changing rooms, she was walking down the hall with her new best friend Rhian. A boy named Scott walked up to her and Rhian and asked out Brooke! Scott was the most popular boy in Bishopbriggs Academy! She was far too embarassed to answer, so Rhian answered for her and it was a yes! Did I mention why Brooke moved school? She moved because she was getting bullied! She is not the girl they all think she is.