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Emily By Hannah

I'm Emily and I'm nearly normal but I can fly.
My whole family flies but my sister and I can fly highest because we both have brown bunches that spin around really fast and that gives us a boost.
I love swimming and making friends my best friends are Sensible, Batwing and Bellina.They can all fly too so we have races(I'm usually first).
Eating chocolate is my worst habbit, I go mad with Crunchies.
I live in the country and I have an enormous house so we can all practise flying.
I'm four years old and I have brown eyes and brown hair.I'm a fussy eater so I'm skinny.I fly so high I have a brilliant tan.
So apart from the flying part I'm just normal,

*Star* Fantastic use of vocabulary.

*Star* Very good punctuation.

Wish : It could be a little bit longer

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