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Princess Ashley by Heather Mcfadyen

"Hi im Ashley."" I was little I was born with a birds left ear so I can fly because of it and I always cover it up"."I am 15 years old(i no im still very very young) but I live with my Boyfriend prince Kyle and two adorable Kids Amanda (aged 2 ) and Liam (aged 5).""I live in a castle and I am super rich!!!""I also have the best job in the world im a model I model all over the world.""My hair coulor is blond and I am 5 feet I think well thats what height I was the last time I checked my eye colour is blue and i have butiful tanned skin and a very skinny body(because im on a diet)!!""I love to sing my favourite singer is Amy Mcdonald when she sings I have to sing along!""But my ultimet thing to do is shop I love to shop I would shop day and night eny day of the week eny week any year!!!""I go to cheerleading and dancing it is so much fun!""Thats some about me il be writing in my diary tommorow bye for now ciao!!!

By Heather Mcfadyen

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