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My Favourite Film by Emma

My Favourite film I have seen recently has been Hoodwinked.
My favourite characters are Little Red Riding Hood and a small, evil, cute rabbit.
The other characters are the Wolf, Woodcutter, Grandma and a singing goat.
The best part was when Grandma went on a skiing race and won against tough men.
I would reccomnend this film to Bethany because she loves funny films.



Horrible by Ellie

On Monday
I moaned at mum
Mum moaned at me
I made my bed!

On Tuesday
I tripped in mud
I was trapped in class
I was tired

On Wednesday
I got wet
I washed the bath!
I washed the car

On Thursday
I got threatened
I tidied my room
I tumbled down the stairs

On Friday
I got burnt French fries!
I got a fright
I had a big fight

On Saturday
I stumbled down the stairs
I got my hair straightened
I had to study

On Sunday
I stared at my book
I studied even more!
I had a snake bite!


Horrible by Laura

On Monday I missed lunch missed and I missed the bus I also flew to the moon.
On Tuesday I tripped over the kerb and got tricked to fall in the dirt I got trapped in the bathroom.
On Wednesday I wet the bed I went all weird I went to a wet planet .
On Thursday I had to go to the toilet .I didn't do very well.
On Friday I flew to Florida.
On Satuarday I slipped into a huge puddle.
On Sunday I got sun burnt. By Laura.


Horrible by Logan

On Monday
I missed break,
I messed up my test and
I made the teacher angry.

On Tuesday
I teased the teacher,
I tripped in class and
Trashed the toilet.

On Wednesday
I wet the bed,
I wrestled the janitor and
I went to the Wild West.

On Thursday
I trashed the TV,
I touched a tarantula and
then I tortured the tarantula.

On Friday
I fell out of bed,
I made my hair frizzy and
I fried a frog.

On Saturday
I sucked on a soap sweet,
I fell out of a tree and
I fell of my bike.

On Sunday
I woke up in hospital,
I had to eat broccolli and
I woke up with chickenpox.



On Monday
I got a million sums,missed break and got all messy
and mumbled home

On Tuesday
I got tortured,trapped in the toilet and turned my head around
and trampped home

On Wednesday
I went my pants,wet my bed and went wild
and waddled home

On Thursday
I tortured a turantula,took a maddy,took a crazy tablet
and tried to get back home

On Friday
I fried my pants,flipped my hand round and got fired out of a cannon
and flipped home

On Saturday
I sat on a chimpanzee,stood in front of a million people and shouted at the principal
and stumbled home


Horrible by Emma

On Monday I fell into mustard,I missed break and I flew to Mars.
On Tuesday I told a lie, got trapoped in the toilet and I tripped up and my knee.
On Wednesday I wet my duvet ,went to Wardrobe Land and changed Spring to Winter.
On Thursday I ate a tomato pie,got bitten by a T-Rex and I tripped into a lake.
On Friday I fell out with my friend,fell into a fryingpan and set a fire.
On Saturday I was in the middle of swimming when I turned into a swan and I got stinged by a wasp.
On Sunday I ate a scorpian, stayed in bed and I had screws for dinner.



On Monday I
Missed the bus,
Got eaten by a monster
and got mud all over me

On Tuesday I
Got told off,
Got chased by a tiger
and dumped into the dump

On Wednesday I
wet my pants, I
Got jumped on by a wolf
and got turned into a frog by a witch

On Thursday I
Tripped up,
Got tortsherd by the techer
and broke all my toys

On Friday I
Forgot my lunchbox,
Got frightened by a bear
and fell out of my window


My Horrible poem by chloe

On Monday.............
I got the measles,
I got stuck in mud,
My teacher grew a mole!
And I was muddy going home!

On Tuesday..................
I got tutored,
I tripped up the teacher,
I got a sore tummy
And I tumbled home!

On Wednesday...........
I wet the bed,
I wrestled the headteacher and.....
I wailed at the gate (It wouldn't let me go!)
And I was wet going home!

On Thursday............
I got to hold a tarantula,
I got trapped in the class room
And worst of all I tided my room!
And I thudded home!

On Friday................
I ate french fries,
I frightend a bird,
And I got fat!

On Saturday............
I swallwod a 5 pence,
I swapped my lunch for chocolate
I put a socket in the fire!
And the house blew up!!!

On Sunday.......
I suffocated a bird,
I stood on a snail,
I stumbled on a rabbit,
I stayed in hospital!


Horrible by Andrew

On Monday ........
I made a fool of my self on stage.
I misssed break time.
I got lost in a maze.

On Tuesday ........
A turcky tackled me
A Army troop trapped me in a cave
A teature gave me in to trouble.

On Wednesday........
I went fishing and a huge big fish pulled me into the water.
I went to see king kong and I payed my money and missed the show.
I went rock climbing and I got to the top and wet my pants from looking down.

On Thursday .........
I Took my tooth paste put it on my electric tooth brush and it spun round and the tooth paste went in my eye.
I was driving a car and my tyres fell off
I took a boat ride and was sick all over the boat.

On Friday......
I faced a bully and was pushed on to the ground.
I got very fat and people made fun of me.
I went to fast on a car and was fined.

On Saturday........

I sat on a bench and there was bird poo on it.
I was on the beach and a little boy thew sand in my eye.
I got a good job the 5 hours latter i got the sack.

On Sunday.........
A spider trapped me in its web and i was stuck for hours.
My mum forced me to eat asparagus and i was sick
The sun got to hot and i got burnt and it all happend again next week.


My Unsympathetic Character

My Unsympathetic Character was called Zack. he was fat and ugly and evil .He picked his nose and ate it. He always wore dead dark clothes stained with egg. He wanted a pet but he didn't have any money.He is very rude to all his villigars. He had dark green eyes. by Laura


My Sympathetic Character by Logan

My sympathetic character is called Dewey. Dewey is a very kind sensitive,thoughtful,clean,smart,funny,hardworking,happy,friendly and generous person.Dewey works full time in a hospital helping people repair themselves. Dewey does not like stubern people.


My Unsympathetic Character by Ben

My unsympathetic character is an old woman who hates kind things.She is mean,snappy,cranky and sour. She always makes fun of people. She wears black dresses that are manky.She has a crooked teeth and hands and lots of varicose vains.


My Sympathtic Character by Emma

I am a small,plum,circus man called Mr Clown.I have a very long beard down to mytoes.I love children and I like making them laugh. My clothes are blue with red spots.I help little clowns when they hurt themselves.


My Unsympathetic Character by Sarah

She was a tall skinny old supply teacher called Miss Devil who was rude, bad tempered and a strict women who only smiled when she made someone cry. She wore a long black dress and her hair in a bun. She was the snappiest person in the world.


My Sympathetic character by Chloe

His name was Santa (St Nicolas).
He was cosy, caring, heartful and was generous.
He was also very smart and had a heart made of gold.
He had warm red cheeks and a big fat belly (full of jelly and cookies!).
Santa was very clever, but he was never grumpy or angry.


my sympathetic character by Andrew

My sympathetic character is called Dewey. Dewey is a very kind,sensative,thoughtful,clean,smart and funny person.He is very hardworking and the most friendly generous person that you would ever meet.Realy he is not a drunk old man he never gets drunk or smokes.Once he saved a child from a fire and has won loads of medals and trophes.


My Unsympathetic Character By Ellie

Bobby is drunk and he is age thirty-nine. If you are talking to him he would shout and swear to you. He staggered in and out of the house and woke everybody up -including the neighbours-. The very same night he got into a fight!! He was at the bookies all night and he lost all his money so he got kicked out of his house. He wears a black and grey shirt and black trousers and a grey tie. He has sharp teeth and wears a purple cape and he has blood coming out of his EYES!!!!!!


My Unsympathetic character by Logan Sirel

My unsympathetic character is called Jimmy.
Jimmy works in a factory 24 hours he is always covered in oil.
He never says plaese and thank you and never eats nicely.
He was ugly,hairy and had a pointy nose.


My sympathetic character by Laura

My sympathetic character is a old lady who stayed in a little village called little bird .she always gets the bus number 35 .The bus driver always says she is cool and funny.Most people in the villige says she is such a clean and a caring person. Her real name is Sarah.But people call her sar Mag jones .Even her best friend says she is a warm kind friend. She has dark brown eyes.


My Sympathetic Character by Sarah

He was a plump silly old circus man who was thoughtful, caring and happy with a beard down to his knees. He wore a baggy old t-shirt and some torn up jeans. He loved children so much but had none of his own and gave a lolly to them whenever they came.


My Unsympathtic Character by Emma

I am a skinny old teacher who nibbles my nails.My name is Miss Devil.I hate children even if i'm a supply teacher.I eat with my fingers and blow through juice straws.I wear my old tatty dress to work everday.I scare little children when they come near me.


My Sympathetic Character by ben

My sympathetic character is an old elf called Enjey Benjy.He is a kind,generous,warm,cosy elf.He is a magic elf that has a bamboo cain.He helps people
get things that we want.He's always is on the look out for problems.He is nice because he saved someone from getting killed.


My Unsympathetic character by Chloe

Her name was Cruella De Ville.
She was as cheeky as the big bad troll and as horrid as anything.
She was mean, cruel and nasty.
Everyone thought she was horrid and evil because she capchered all of the cute little dalmations!


My unsympathetic character by Andrew

My unsympathetitic character is called Jimmy.He is rude,smelly,looks a bit old,fat and allways pownders. His face is hardly white because his hair,face and clothes are coverd in mud.


My Sympathetic Character By Ellie

Mr Baker is a kind and friendly old baker. He is warm, happy and he was a good baker.
He was a bit stooped over but always got up a six o'clock in the morning to make cakes for the villagers.