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My Made-Up Character By Ellie

About Zalalading
"Hey, my name's Zalalading, I know, it's a weird name! I am exactly 12 years, 3 months and 11 days. I live with the ugly toad that captured me. (we'll be on that chapter soon.)" explained Zalalading, "I haven't seen my family in about 2 years. *SNIFFLE*. Sorry, I always get a bit bubbly when I talk about them. (I had 2 sisters and 3 brothers, a mum and dad) I wonder if they miss me ? I miss them dearly. I bet the toad will want his water ." explained Zalalading quietly. The toad did not like her talking about ... her family.
"ZALALADINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!" screamed the frog, "I NEED YOU NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!" roared the Toad. He was so mean, and impatient.
The toad captured Zalalading when she was about 10. She was in her garden and her mum had nipped out to the shops to get bread and milk. Then there was a knock at the door ... Zalalading's friend was coming over then, so she thought it would be her, but it was a very ugly toad, he said, "come with me, you will be my servant!"
When Zalalading's mum came home, Zalalading had gone ...
By Ellie

*Star* Very good use of punctation.

*Star* Fantastic vocabulary.

No Wish

*STAR* I like the made up name very funny.

*STAR* Very good VCOP.

!WISH! You don't have any :)

Well Done :)

By Bili x
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