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VCOP By Lewis room 12

Dear Jodias,

I too have been looking forward to coming back to the academy. And please tell the principal i am sorry for eating all the pies and yes i am coming to your party on the 24th of january after your graduation! i am desperately excited about it !

whilst we are at the party( as you have predicted) i will bring a present for you & your family !

I have perfected the cake and it remains in my mums house so that i wont eat it because it's so tasty. I right now have been having technical- difficulties and i've had 30 power-cuts this week! well i've got to go now so bye!
you're trusted friend,


VCOP - A story continued

"Freeze!" roared digma as we started to stir. Sieze them murmered digma carlessly and 2 or 3 rocks reached out and held magnus,katie and john. Patch however dropped down a huge trap door they could hear him whining fainter,fainter,fainter until thud!!!

Patch,thought magnus was dead . "oh he's not dead" said digma as though reading magnus' mind. "just dazed." i'll let him out as soon as i'm fin.........arrrgh!!!" yelled digma " the navy!" cried john triumphantly.


Dear Jodias by Mark

Dear Jodias,

I am delighted to be coming back to the W.A.W (Western Academy of Wizardry) to win this year's trophy.

In the time that I have been away I have learned from my ways and have improved on my behavior,in hoping that i shall not be excluded again.Thank you for the warnings I shall now know what to do and what not to do.My regards to all of the trainee wizards for what I have done in the past but when I come back you will see a new me.

Your good friend,



23 Magic road,

28 november 2006

Dear Jodias,

That is brillant !!!I can't wait to come because it has been so boring and dull there has been nothing to do !!!!

However, What team do we have to beat to win this trophy? I actully have got better at some spells and i am not as bad any more. I promise I will not get exculed again.I will not do any of these weather spell. I will not the ignore the wise warning and will be very careful website.
I just can't wait!!!

I will see you on Monday at 9.00 am we could go out and play on wizard place.
I might of got you something. (it might be a joke )

You favourite friend,


Letter to Jodias By Sarah

44 Wand Avenue
30th November

Dear Jodias,

I'm ecstatic too. I just can't wait to see all my old friends again and the Academy(I suppose.)

Thanks for the information its realy uesful, I'm dying to go on the website andI just want to tell you I realy have changed. I will never do anything bad again (I hope.) I'm just so happy I can't wait to see you. My mum even got me a new cloak, its raven black with little stars on it and they glisten in the sun.

See you on Sunday by the Old Man's Stable and I don't know if I mentioned this but I might have got you a present.

Your changed friend,


A letter to Jodias By Hannah

Spellhill Village
28th November 2006
Dear Jodias,
What a spectaculer letter.
I cant wait to be with all my old friends again we are going to have so much fun.
I will try so hard to make up for everything I missed.
Please spare your magnificant magic for the show.
I shall be so carefull traviling to you because I dont want to be eaten by the monsters.
I am so sorry for tampering with the weather and breaking your wand I shall buy you a new one with my money.
I too am over the moon to be working withyou again.
Your friend,


VCOP Story By Alex

suddenly a terrifiying roar shook the room, and Digma nearly snatched Patch luckily Patch pounced away.

Despite having a great pounce Patch landed on his ankle"ow!" Patch cried they all ran over to see what happened.

Digma caught a glinpse of the gang round Patch. He put his gewy,smelly,slimy arm out and grabbed Magnus. "help!" cried Magnus.

Luckily Magnus escaped and ran away to the gang,then one of the caves fell in on Digma and they off the rocky place and back to their house.

Is Digma still alive or will he come back to haunt them...


VCOP To Jodias By Caitlin

6 Wizard Of Waverly Place
27th November 2006

Dear Jodias

I was so thrilled when I opened you letter this morning! I'm so ecstatic to come back. I definitely will not do that spell again!

Having decided not to do the spell, I will only be participating in the flying competition! I will try my hardest to help The Western Academy of Wizards win first place (in The Competition for the Golden Coldren.) Lets move on. How are you and the other wizards been? Because they are my friends as well as you.

It just remains for me to say only in three days I will be back to enjoy the life as a wizard again!

You Wizard Warrior


Letter to Jodias by Andrew

dratondor village

27th November 2006

Yes i am ecstatic about coming back aswell. I have been on the website and I have read all the information and when I come back we will win the trophy!

I have also been learning a spell called disicomentun ( It turns anything in to ash and thin back.) I heard that Zammok , Saradomin and Guthix teams are in the compotion. Anyway you need to send me the traningwork. I will comple it as soon as you give it to me.
It just leaves me with see you soon and hopefully I will see you soon. oh and i will never use te weather spells again.
your trusted friend Balthasar
p.s your letter smells very fragrent.


Letter from Balthasar by Emma H

Windy Cottage

Owl Forrest

Dear Jodias,

Thank you so much for your letter. Same as you I am ecstatic to be coming back to the academy.

Have you found Lava yet after I opened his cooper cage and he flew triumphantly out the window? If you have he'll be after my new pet Magnus the mouse. I can still hear Miss Hornblades deafening screech in my ear. Anyway, will I have to start in form 1 again? (I don't want to look like a baby in front of my friends) If I don't, who will be my wizer (a teacher in wizardland) because I don't want a surprise? I hate surprises.
Anyway, thanks for telling me about the tampering spells. I'm actually looking forward to coming back.
Yours Sincerely


The Wizard letter By Rachael Hearns

Wizards Place
27 November

Dear Jodias,

I am so thrilled to be coming back and I will defenetly win the trophy with use all and I am deilited to be seeing you all again.

I will check out the wizard website and start training after writing this letter. I give you my
and I won't attemped the weather spell until I am perfected in my traing.Would you tell the Head Wizard that I am truely sorry for breaking the rules by doing the weather spell when I am not fully perfected. I will stick to learning my flying skills and win the flying compitition.

I really can't wait to be back with my dearest wizard family, and showing of all my wizard tricks you have taught me over the last few days. Missing you all loads, see you in four days!

Yours truely


to jodias by laura

The North Side of magic land
27th november 07
Dear Jodias
you're a very good friend! this is marvellous news. I am extremly excited to get back and see all my friends like you, Mark, Nicky and Amy.

This is the most fabulous news I've heard in ages. I have been really bored not doing anything.I am also so glad that I could be involved in winning this years trophe. Anyway a while ago my mum was'nt feeling well As well as me not being feeling well my mum has caught the cold again.

Another thing is I have not being studying, besides I wont know what to do when I get my test. Anyhow I will also see you soon need to do my studying.

from laura


VCOP letter to Jodias by melissa

21 Cozy Cone Corner
13th December 2007
Dear Jodias,
I was delighted when i recevied your letter.I cannot wait to return to the Acdamey.Of course i will look at the website and i will take careful precautions ,i will also not attempt any of the weather tampering spells.
I will apologise to Mr Whitehouse for putting a mouse, cat and a dog in the hall way i thought it would be funny to see them chase each other through the school.Mr Whitehouse (headteacher) was furious. I discoverd he was mad by his facial expressions.
Strangly i never liked school but now i can't wait to go back.I will get to see my friends again.
Your Trusted Friend,


Dear Jodias by Heather Mcfadyen

Wisard Wane Lane
13 december 2007

Dear Jodias,
You are my trusted friend! This is fandabydosy news to here from you again because I have just had a little baby girl her name is Jullesiy.

Im so glad that im coming back I was lost for words when I hered the news. Me and my girlfriend are staying with my mum just now but wer getting our own place after christmas.My aunt was recently on the phone she siad she is doing fine shes in hospital (unfortunetly) but when we were young we used to call her grumpy granny gray hips, remember, even though she was my aunt. How is Mr Clive? I have been waiting egerly to come back. I promise I won't do any weather tapering spells so dont worry!!!

Another thing is that I have learned to play the Flugel Horn, aswell as being abel to play the Tuba!!! Well thats all see you on the 20th of January 2008

Bye For now,


I'm nearly back! by Lewis Rm 11

Dear Jodias

I'm amazed that you sent me a letter after I transformed the bully into a big baboons botty!And I'm looking foward to seeing you all again .

Now don't worry,I won't do any weather tamper spells because I don't like them.I really like it here,we should come during summer vacation.

And tell the bully that I'm very sorry and that I will reverse the spell as soon as I get back.
your forever pal,
P.S I miss you so much.
p.p.s When can I come back?


VCOP Dear Jodias

Wizard hat p.l
29th November

Dear Jodias,
I was obliged when I reseved you interesting letter. I am really excited to see you all, I can't wait . Isn't it just marvellous? My Sister will be awfully upset because of me going to Western Academy of Wizardry.

Sadley I haven't been practising for my wizardry. I willl start to learn but! I had a glimpse at the spell book last night and I will see what I can do and what I can't.

I can't wait to see you all agian it is as if I was gone for two years insted of one.

your sincerly,



the wand street 27th november06
I just wanted to thank you very much for that letter.Whilst I was expelled I played playstation it was great!But I missed you vey much.I hope you have proggresed.However I am back now and I love it
What have you been learning? I have learned something -the spells on Wise Wizard Warning must not be ignored you know I always follow your advice .
I was expelled beacause I told the teacher I don't want to do that work then she told me to get out the her classroom and she told the head master then i got expelled.
I actually want to come back to the academy so we can meet toghther again.I will see you tommorow and we can play toghther like the old days.
you dearest friend ,


Letter to Jodias by Bethany

Wand Cresent 4210
27th Nov 2006
Dear Jodias,
I am destined to see all my fellow wizards at the Academy. Oh and I was wondering which team we are playing against? However with me we would win.
I have been following your instruction very carefully. I think I might have to be moved up a level because I am a star. Oh and sorry for breaking nearly everything but I have got the money right here so I will give it to you when I get there. Maybe me breaking those fragile things gives you a point to throw them out and buy new things.
I am dieing to get there and get to see all my friend. I willl see you soon!


VCOP By Emma Mc Letter to Jodias

Spell Village
28 November 2006

Dear Jodias,

I am as ecstatic as you are. I'm glad that you want me to come back,I have been driving my dad up the wall.

While you have been at the W.A.W.I have been practicing the flying Duck Spell, it didn't go so well.First I made it hit a wall.Second it went far then turned and fell at my feet.What have you been doing?,Any new spells?I had a look at the spell it was a puzzler!Pages 95 &72 instead of a cat ...I got a gigantic BEAR!!!It had a auful smell coming it's half mouth half nose.It had a rotten eye, one foot and no arms. I have got to go because I need a new wand (56t).

I'll be waiting for you when I come back.Until Monday goodbye!!!!

Your amazing friend,


VCOP Letter to Jodias by Logan

96,262 Potion Place
20th November 2006
Dear Jodias,
I can't wait to arrive back at the door of the gigantic Western Acadamy of Wizardry and I cant wait to deafeat our rivals The Southern School of Sorcerery at the game of quiddich.
Although, I looked on the website and it said something to do with the Southern School's captain being banned for the game of quiddich.Oh and Iv'e been reasearching for the W.A.W.T.P (Western Acadamy of Wizardry Training Programme) and I'm positive I'm going to pass.Last but not least I got the new Whizz 8000 broom,it's hysterical.
Once again I can't wait to see you again.
Your dearest friend,


A Letter To Jodias. By Bili

Dear Jodias,

19 Magic Land
28th November 2006

what great news ! I just got the letter a few days ago.
I am very sorry about the last time,but it is a honour
to have me back.

How are all my old friends doing?
I promise you I will not do that Weather Tampering
Spell and I have checked up on the Western Academy's
website. I didn't ignore the Wise Wizard Warning.
Who is the best in the class now?

It just remains I can't wait to come back again.
I promise no Weather Tampering spells like the last time.

Your Trusted friend


A letter to Jodias By Hannah

Spellhill Village

28 November 2006

Dear Jodias,

What a spectacular letter. to be with all my friends I cant wait

we are going to have so much fun.

I will so hard to make up for everything I missed. Spare your magnificant magic for the show we want to be the best.

I shall be extra careful incase I get eaten by the monsters.

I cant wait to be with all my old friends again (Life can be so short).

I am extreamly sorry for tampering with the weather and breaking your wand by falling through the roof I still have that scar on my leg.

I too am over the moon to be working with you again.

Your friend,



Letter To Jodias By Ben

21 Broomstick RD
28 November 2006

Dear Jodias,
I have recieved your letter and I too am looking forward to coming back.I hope when I come back we will the trophy and be champions. I accept my punishment and I will start training on Monday. As you asked I will behave and not do bad spells and hope to see you when I return.

I accept your rules and will follow them carefully.I am sorry for my behaviour before and I have changed my ways.I hope you and everyone else are fine.I am glad to hear about work progessing and hope to work when I return.

I also heard the competion is hard so I hope to be fit and healthy ready to play.Are the teams still the same as last time? Please when I come back will you keep me updated with all the competion facts

See you soon

Your trusted friend,


VCOP - My Letter To Jodias - By Ellie x

13 Magic Lane
29th November
Dear Jodias,
I am delighted to be returning to the academy. I promise, when I start back, I will not do anything silly or stupid. Most of all, I will behave myself. Unlike last term!
So this competition ... what's it like then? Not to tough I hope! I hope it is like last years, that was super fun, but a little bit tricky! I have been on the website. It is looking fabulous! But there is sometimes a little virus when I am looking at the pictures .... any idea ?!
I am returning next Monday so only about 3 days! Any new people came while I was off ?
I hope there is, I love getting to know new people! It is so much fun!
It was great to hear from you. I hope to see you soon. Probubly on Monday when I come!
Your good friend,
By Ellie x