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Arachno Kid Arises by Ben

Arachno Kid is a 1109 year old kid who is a janitor in a school in Texas.He lives with his mum Arachno woman,his dad Arachno man,his sister Arachnita Kid and his companion (Best Friend) Inga Oonga.He lives in a little cave by the sea in North Texas and Him and his companion are always trying to take over the world but they never succeed.He got taunted and teased in school because he had red beady eyes,a lion main,he is ten foot two and has scary fangs.He can fly and his hobbies are eating insects and people but worst of all his worst habit is pickinghis nose, he loves it so much he even bought the super sonic nose picker 2000(see loves it alot).Well anyway there quite scary so stay away.Oh by the way there enemies are Rab penguin and Mutant Man and there scary too so surely this is the end of the earth.Wait and find out!!

star-good story

star-good VCOP

wish-read over your story before you publish it
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