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Sensible by Bethany

This is Sensible. Sensible is a kind girl. She has an incredible power, the power to become invisible. The way Sensible became invisibile was when an invisible spider bit her. Her age is 4 and she lives with her family, of her Mum, Dad and brother called sibby. Their home is in the sky. Sensible appearance is long blonde straight hair.Her height is 2 metres she has lovely shiny green eyes and a body shape is a small, thin girl. She goes to a wongerful school and enjoys meeting her friends Emily and Batwing. Three interesting things about her, is she is very kind. She finds it hard to make friends and she never fights with her brother.

*Star*Great Vocab!
*Star*Good use of openers.
?Wish? Try use more Punctuation.
star-good punctuation

star-good use of VCOP

wish-watch your spelling
*star*-very good story

*star*-very good use of VCOP

wish-you have no wish
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