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I have a cat,
A very scardey cat.
It runs to hide,
He’s got no pride.
At night he sneaks out into a tree,
I run and hide incase something is following me.
His fur is white and as fluffy as a cloud,
That ginger Tom is always proud.


Sumo Wrestlers by Alexander

At Woodhill Halloween Disco 2 teachers jumped out as sumos.
Miss Mitchell and Mr Lunan jumped out at Woodhill Disco as Sumos
and none of the pupils knew about it. Our reporter asked the winner Mark Christie “where did you get that fabulous costume?” “It was a homemade costume,” Mark cheerfully replied and our other reporter spoke to the other winner Rachel Currie why did you dress half dead “it was the only costume I had” said Rachel. This all took place at Woodhill Primary.


My Sympathetic Character by Mark Chirstie


My sympathetic character is a little elf called Enjey Benjy .He owns a cottage in the country . He also has a helpful dog called Fred. They go around helping people with their problems.


Cat's, Cat's Everywhere by Bili and Emma

Cats are playful, Cats are slow.
Cats, cats everywhere.
Cats can be fat but, some can be thin.
As long as whiskers.

As fat as a cat.
Cats, cats everywhere
Cats, cats everywhere.
Long tail’s like string, Short tail’s like a bottle.
Some cats bite but, some cats don’t.


My sympathetic character By Kerry Hamilton

My Sympathetic Character.
Mr Baker was a kind and old person,
he was promising and helpful.
He was a funny and joyful person,
He was friendly to the customers.


Dandruff Danny

Dandruff Danny was a dirty lad,
In school he was very bad.
He chuckled in maths,
Cause he couldn’t hold his laughs
And a cheeky boy was he!

He shook his head,
It was like bits of bread,
When it fell,
He couldn’t tell.
And a cheeky boy was he!

He rolled in the mud,
And he wasn’t a stud.
The girls wouldn’t play,
So they ran away.

He had so much dandruff
His head exploded,
An alive was he no more!

By Ellie, Rachael and Jennifer.


My Ravishing Rabbit by Lewis

My Ravishing Rabbit

As alert as an alarm clock.
As soft as a cushion
As silly as a clown.
As big as a shoe.

As furry as a rug,
As noisy as me
As fast as LIGHTNING!
Has eyes as black as a cave.


Hippy At The Woodhill Hallowe'en Disco! by Caitlin and Heather

Lauren won the p.7 best dressed competition. Also at the Hallowe’en disco, Mr Lunan and Ms Mitchell were dressed up as silly sumos! “How great Lauren was it to win for the p.7 girls?” “It was great to win and also to be dressed up as a hippy, it was really fun.” “Thank you Lauren.” Mr “Lunan and Ms Mitchell how great fun was it to be dressed up as sumos.” “Great.” Said Ms Mitchell.