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Bellena by Sarah

Hi, I'm Bellena. I'm a Pea-pol-zeb-guin-monarch butterfly or a Pezegamoby for short. I have a human face with short, blond hair tied up in bunches. My eyes are oak brown and my lips are bluey green. I have peacock feathers sprouting from my head in lots of shades of blue. My ears are white and fluffy and I have wings that are black and red. I have a human torso with stripy zebra arms. The bottom half of my body is like a penguin. Its soft black and white fur with little orange feet. I live in a little house, in a little street under ground of the local park with my family. I have a Mum, Dad, baby brother and my pet cockroach called Rouchy. He is my best friend in the whole world.

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