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Brooke By Caitlin

Period three, french class was so boring until a 5ft 4, brown haired girl came through the doors. A gorgeous body with an amaing tan. She walked up to the back row where the empty seat was and sat down. All the boys and girls could tell that she would be popular because she was chewing gum in the most strickest teachers class! Though of course she didnt know that because it was her first day. Ring,Ring the class was finished and time for gym, Brooke's all time favourite subject. After gym was finished and Brooke was out of the changing rooms, she was walking down the hall with her new best friend Rhian. A boy named Scott walked up to her and Rhian and asked out Brooke! Scott was the most popular boy in Bishopbriggs Academy! She was far too embarassed to answer, so Rhian answered for her and it was a yes! Did I mention why Brooke moved school? She moved because she was getting bullied! She is not the girl they all think she is.

star - good story
star - good vcop
wish - i don't think you have any
* good vcop
* good description
?no wish
star-Brilliant story

star-Good use of VCOP

wish-no wish
* STAR * Very good VCOP.

* STAR * Interesting story.

! WISH ! You don't have any.

Well Done :)

By Bili x
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