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Serafina Dicena By Emma Howat

"Hello I'm Serafina Dicena. I have pale blue blood and I live with my crabs Clusty And Misty. I have blonde swirling hair. I' m quite small for my age and I can fly. (I can't tell you my age because I can't remember), I also have a peacocks tail."
"198,765,453,210 years ago I flew here (the end of the world) I knew that because I have a year counter, because all the children my age teased me. Sometimes when I lost my temper, I would strangle them( with my octopus arms" )
"If I have the time I would fly to crab heaven to find out about my parents. The first news I got was that they had flew to the start of the world ( before dinosaurs because the dinosaurs would eat them) They live under the dust so as I can't see them!( cruel aren't they ,they wouldn't even let me visit them) SOB! It makes me cry!"
"Oh! Another thing if you ever want to visit me, and bring a present, you could buy some
roasted tongues(my crabs love those).

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