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Mrs Vaghn by Kieran

Mrs Vaughn is a short stumpy woman who is very horrid. She lives with her foster child Emmeline. Mrs Vaughn has gray hair and she wears an old apron.She is also very jealous of how smart Emmeline is.




There once was a lady called mrs vaughan she was a stockey woman with tatad hair,creaky voice and a personality of a very old teacher. She was a smoker she had a cigarete dangling from her mouth every time you saw her when it fell of another one grew and she hates kids. Her face is ugly it's riwnkle, long nose, unwashed make up and teeth like tombstones with an extremely bony body. Her clothes are old and stinky she is very very mownie so I would leave her alone.

Ross Glass p6 rm 11


Mrs Vaghan

Mrs Vaghan is an old,stocky ,short and an uneducated woman.She had a cracked voice no one would want to listen to.Mrs Vaughan is a unkind woman who always has a cigarette in her mouth.When her cigarette is done another gets put inher mouth.Mrs Vaghan wore an apron sometimes and looked furois.She was a crooked,wrinkely and thoughtless person.
by melissa


Mrs Voughan By Emma M

Mrs Voughan was a very mean,moany and thoughtless woman she never thought that anyone was important but her.Her hiar was clamped back by a grip her hair was partly brown and the rest was grey. She has short hair, a cigarette dangling from her mouth.She is stricked and looks frightning . I for one would't want her to look after me.She is uneducted and selfish. She has a stocky build.


Mrs Voughan


Mrs Vaughan By Kerry

Her Face looks really evil and mean. It really does look like she hates Emmaline!!!
She has lots of spot and it is really wrinkly!!
Her Hair has strips of grey.It looks like she never she washes is.It wa short,stright and cliped back.Her vocie sound deep and nasty.It sound like she was really angry!!
She is really thin. It is like she never eats or she does but not a lot.I think she works in a lundrette because she always wear a ipron.


Emmeline by Sarah

Emmeline is a thin, quiet girl who is very shy. She is small for her age,has pale cheeks and dark hair. She likes to read and is very kind unlike her mean foster mother Mrs Vaughan who always makes her go outside and never lets her read. Thats Emmeline.


Mrs Vaughan

Mrs Vaughan is an unfriendly stocky old woman whois grumpy and has no respect for her foster child Emmeline.She has parted hair on one side and clamped back with a grip.she also has a deep voice and nearly always has a cigarette in her mouth. Emmeline is to scared to say she is being abbused I hope she gets moved soon. by andrew


Mrs Vaughan by Logan

Mrs Vaughan was an elderly, strict woman.She was unkind, mean aand frightening to Emmeline.Mrs Vaughan had grey hair clamped back by a grip.She was small and was always lying to people. Mrs Vaughan was a heavy smoker, you never seen her without a cigarette in her mouth.Although she was very mean she was very tidy and always had Emmeline outside and out of her way.Mrs Vaughan was a stocky woman and was always very angry at Emmeline.


Mrs Vaughan by Ben

Mrs Vaughan is a stocky,grey haired,uneducated woman who wears a ragged old apron.She always has a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.She never reads books so that is why she is so uneducated.She is always shouting at a little girl called Emmeline and is horrible and mean to her.Her clothes are dirty and ragged because she is far to lazy to clean them.


Mrs Vaughan

There once was a lady called Mrs Vaughan she was a old stockey woman, with tated hair,creaky voice and a personality of a old teacher. She was a smoker she had a cigarete dangleing from her mouth ever time you saw her, when it fell of an other one grew and she hates kids.


Emmeline by Becky

Emmeline is a very small, thin girl. She is well educated girl who loves books, but she is being treated badley by Mrs Vaughan who dosn't let her read books, she alwayshas to go out to play. Emmeline wears a black t-shirt and a blue frock over it, the blue has a white,frilly coller round her neck. She has long brown hair. She is very small for her age. She is very scared of Mrs Vaughan because sometime she gives her a good tan. (an old fashion word for smack)
by Becky


Mrs Vaughan By Bili

Mrs Vaughan was a stocky women. She had short,thick,straight and grey hair. She wore her hair up clamped back in a grip. She was careless and didn't care much about the girl. Mrs Vaughan wants Emmeline out of her way. Mrs Vaughan had a cigarette aways dangled from the corner of her mouth.

By Bili


Mrs Vaughan

Mrs Vaughan is a stocky unkind selfish lady.
She has grey hair and she is old and uneducated.
Her habits are smoking and she likes being horrible.
She is very dirty and unkind.
She is misrable and looks as if she hasn't had a bath in months.

By Mark


Mrs Vaughan by Chloe A

Mrs Vaughan is a stoky, old, grey haired, mean, horrible woman.
I think she is a nasty foster mum to Emmeline.
Mr Vaughan sounds uneducated, grumpy and lazy person.
I think she has a smoking habbit but also has a habbit for shouting at Emmeline. Mrs Vaughan sounds like she has a miserable sad life .
She does not allow Emmeline to read books.
Mrs Vaughan would rather have Emmeline out playing all day long so she can have a sad, lonley day to herself!


Mrs Voughan By Rachael H

Mrs Voughan was a cruel and monay woman. She had thick grey hair claimped back by grip.
She was uneduicated,ugly and always wore an aprin.Mrs Voughan was strict,stocky and always had a temper.The most disgusting thing about mrs Voughan is everday you see her,she's got a cigerete hanging from her mouth.Everytime one dissepears another one quikly apears.She's furius when Emmeline reads books.I think she's jelouis because she's uneduicated

Mrs Vaughan is a short stocky woman.With a wicked look in her face,she always has a cigarete in her mouth.She has short gray hair wich is clamped back.Mrs Vaughen is an un-educated woman who is jelous of how smart Emmeline is.She has a deep voice with a taned face, she wears an apron with a dress underneath.She is very stricked and will march up and down till she finds you!
Mrs Vaughen by Alex


Mrs Voughan by Laura

Mrs Voughan is a horrible nasty woman.
She is very stricked and acts mean to other people.
she is a cruel old woman.
She is also very discusting. She is so untidy and very grumpy.
She smokes and her cigarette dangles from her mouth.


Emmeline is sad and feels trapped outdoors.If Emmeline was me i would run away because having to miss out on so much must be hard.She must feel hurt and unloved maybe she has not been fed propbley and that is why she is so thin.Worried and scared are the two things she would feel the most but she is a bit mopey too.It must hard to live like Emmeline all upset and unapeseated.She must have a lot of presser on herself.
By Bethany

Mrs Vaughan by Maliha
Mrs Vaughan is very strict and grumpy.She has short grey hair so she may be old.She seems un-educated,un-kind and un-pleasant.She also seems hard to please.By her looks,MrsVaughan looks mean and stocky.She also seems very skinny but rough.


Emmeline By Jennifer

Emmeline is a very sweet little girl she is quit small and thin for her age.
She likes to go out and play and if she is not allowed to play, she reads books.
She has got long brown wavy hair, she has pale cheeks and does not like getting spit on her face.
Emmeline is very shy and anxios, she wants to be educated but she can't because of mrs Vaughan.
Emmeline isn't very happy because she want's a nice mum, and she has a vvery qiuet voice, she gets very scared incase she gets abused.
Mrs vaughan just looks after Emmeline she is not her mum, Emmeline doesn't wan't to tell anyone incase they talk to Mrs Vaughan and then Mrs Vaughan might abuse her but she really wan'ts a new mum.

Mrs Vaughan byMax
There once was an old lady called Mrs Vaughan.She was very fat but one day in the garden she hut a needle and she blew down to a bony person.As the weeks went on her hair went grey and she became a smoker.Then she became stocky,clamped and thick it was if she was uncared about.


Emmeline By Hannah

Emmeline is a small, thin dark haired girl who loves to read.
She wants to be well educated but her foster mother wont let her.
Her cheeks are pale and she is shy.
She wishes she had a nice mother because she is not very happy.
She is miserable because she has to stay outside most of the time.
She is mopey and wants to have her head in a book.
Emmeline is sweet but nobody notices.


Mrs Vaughn by Lewis (RM12)

Mrs Vaughan was a strict, thick, plump and filthy old woman, she was 55 years old she looked older because she smoked 24-7 .She was also a foster mum to a girl called Emmeline Em for short.She smoked so much that every-time one cigarette was done another one appeared!

by lewis (rm12)


Mrs Vaughan by Heather Mcf

Mrs Vaughan was a stocky, gray haired, middle aged old woman who was very un-educated.A cigarette always dangled from her mouth and when one fell another one grew! Mrs Vaughan wore an aprin and was ugly also she was terribly strict, she was cruwl and had a unecasery temper. She looked a bit like a teacher or a londret lady. I bet if you met her you would be skared of her but if you lived with her eww!!!


Mrs Vaugham By Emma H

Mrs Vaugham is an evil, selfish, horrid foster parent. She has short, thick, straight , grey hair clamped back with a grip. A cigarette dangles out the corner of her mouth(which doesn't make her look any nicer). Everyday around her stocky body she wears a grubby apron. She is uneducated and doesn't know how to read.


My Description Of Mrs Vaughan By Ellie

Mrs Vaughan is a plump lady, she doesn't really care for Emmeline, the little girl who she looks after. Her hair is long, straight and grey. It is always pinned back with a hair grip. She wears a tight and ugly apron. The girl Emmeline, Mrs Vaughan always wants her out the way, so she sends her out to play. There is always a cigarette hanging at the corner out of her mouth, and when it is finished, another one appears!!
By Ellie


Mrs Vaughan By Caitlin

Mrs Vaughan is a stocky women! She has a mean looking face.She is also cruel and moany.She has straight, thick, grey hair which is clam back by a grip! Everywhere place she goes she has a cigarette hanging from her mouth! (ergh) She is uneducated so she does not want Emmeline to read books. She calls Emmeline a mopey child. Mrs Vaughan always wears a apron.