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All About Candice By Rachael

Candice Mc Kenzie is a gorgeous fourteen year old. She loves to go shopping
with her dog Candy. Her dog is a cute loveble Laso Apso. They both love
going to town and their favourite shop is New Look. Candice lives with
her Mum, Dad and her three big sisters called Nicole, Nicola and Nicky.
Her big sisters are very mean to her, except the youngest - She is only
fifteen and the two oldest are Nicle and Nicola, they are twins. Her
cousine is a cat called Fluffy and all of her faimaly live at the zoo.

She has a really big secret. Whenever she gets upset, she goes to her
boyfriends house, who is twenty three!
Her Mum doesn't allow her because he is to old and he gives her loads
of money to spend on shopping and she is addicted, so she has to sneak out.

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