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VCOP To Jodias By Caitlin

6 Wizard Of Waverly Place
27th November 2006

Dear Jodias

I was so thrilled when I opened you letter this morning! I'm so ecstatic to come back. I definitely will not do that spell again!

Having decided not to do the spell, I will only be participating in the flying competition! I will try my hardest to help The Western Academy of Wizards win first place (in The Competition for the Golden Coldren.) Lets move on. How are you and the other wizards been? Because they are my friends as well as you.

It just remains for me to say only in three days I will be back to enjoy the life as a wizard again!

You Wizard Warrior

*- great vocabulary
*- good amount
wish-more conectives

Heather Rm 12
*StAr*-Great Vocabulary

*sTaR*-Good Punctuation

!WiSh!-Put More Conectives In Your Story!
*star*- Good vocabulary

*star*- Good Address

!wish!- the last line should be your wizard warrior

Star- good VCOP

Star- good use of brackets

wish- no wish

Becky T
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