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to jodias by laura

The North Side of magic land
27th november 07
Dear Jodias
you're a very good friend! this is marvellous news. I am extremly excited to get back and see all my friends like you, Mark, Nicky and Amy.

This is the most fabulous news I've heard in ages. I have been really bored not doing anything.I am also so glad that I could be involved in winning this years trophe. Anyway a while ago my mum was'nt feeling well As well as me not being feeling well my mum has caught the cold again.

Another thing is I have not being studying, besides I wont know what to do when I get my test. Anyhow I will also see you soon need to do my studying.

from laura

*Star-Very interesting story.

*Star-Good vcop work.

!Wish-Some capital letters missed out.
*STAR*- Good amount
*STAR*- great vocabulary
?WISH?- could have more punctiation

Heather RM 12
*Star* good amount

*Star*good vocabulary

?wish?could of had more connectives and punctiation

by ross glass
*Star* good amount

*Star*good vocabulary

?wish?could of had more connectives and punctiation

by ross glass
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