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The Wizard letter By Rachael Hearns

Wizards Place
27 November

Dear Jodias,

I am so thrilled to be coming back and I will defenetly win the trophy with use all and I am deilited to be seeing you all again.

I will check out the wizard website and start training after writing this letter. I give you my
and I won't attemped the weather spell until I am perfected in my traing.Would you tell the Head Wizard that I am truely sorry for breaking the rules by doing the weather spell when I am not fully perfected. I will stick to learning my flying skills and win the flying compitition.

I really can't wait to be back with my dearest wizard family, and showing of all my wizard tricks you have taught me over the last few days. Missing you all loads, see you in four days!

Yours truely

*STAR* Good detail
?WISH? Correct some words

Emma H
*Star-Good vcop work.

*Star-Very interesting story.

!Wish-Some spelling mistakes.
*Star* You have used alot of excellent VCOP.

*Star* Alot of great punctuation.

< Wish > Some spelling mistakes.

Caitlin C
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