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23 Magic road,

28 november 2006

Dear Jodias,

That is brillant !!!I can't wait to come because it has been so boring and dull there has been nothing to do !!!!

However, What team do we have to beat to win this trophy? I actully have got better at some spells and i am not as bad any more. I promise I will not get exculed again.I will not do any of these weather spell. I will not the ignore the wise warning and will be very careful website.
I just can't wait!!!

I will see you on Monday at 9.00 am we could go out and play on wizard place.
I might of got you something. (it might be a joke )

You favourite friend,

*star* Good vocabulary

*star* Lots of good detail

!WISH! Remember to read over your work

by Sarah
STAR** You have very good VCOP.

STAR** Good ending

WISH ? You don't have any

From Bili x
Star- Good VCOP

Star- Good use of coulor

Wish- read over your work.
*STAR* good punctuation
*STAR* good detail
?WISH? More openers

Emma H
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