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Dear Jodias by Heather Mcfadyen

Wisard Wane Lane
13 december 2007

Dear Jodias,
You are my trusted friend! This is fandabydosy news to here from you again because I have just had a little baby girl her name is Jullesiy.

Im so glad that im coming back I was lost for words when I hered the news. Me and my girlfriend are staying with my mum just now but wer getting our own place after christmas.My aunt was recently on the phone she siad she is doing fine shes in hospital (unfortunetly) but when we were young we used to call her grumpy granny gray hips, remember, even though she was my aunt. How is Mr Clive? I have been waiting egerly to come back. I promise I won't do any weather tapering spells so dont worry!!!

Another thing is that I have learned to play the Flugel Horn, aswell as being abel to play the Tuba!!! Well thats all see you on the 20th of January 2008

Bye For now,

*Star*-Funny story.

*Star*-Good puncuation.

!Wish!-Some spelling mistakes.
*StAr*- Good Punctuation

*sTaR*- Great Openers

!WiSh!- Put More Conectives In Your Story!
* Star * Use used alot of excellent connectives.

* Star * You also used alot of very good vocabulary.

< Wish > You have a few spelling mistakes

Caitlin C
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