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VCOP Letter to Jodias by Logan

96,262 Potion Place
20th November 2006
Dear Jodias,
I can't wait to arrive back at the door of the gigantic Western Acadamy of Wizardry and I cant wait to deafeat our rivals The Southern School of Sorcerery at the game of quiddich.
Although, I looked on the website and it said something to do with the Southern School's captain being banned for the game of quiddich.Oh and Iv'e been reasearching for the W.A.W.T.P (Western Acadamy of Wizardry Training Programme) and I'm positive I'm going to pass.Last but not least I got the new Whizz 8000 broom,it's hysterical.
Once again I can't wait to see you again.
Your dearest friend,

*good vocabulary

*good use of brackets

!no wish
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