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VCOP By Emma Mc Letter to Jodias

Spell Village
28 November 2006

Dear Jodias,

I am as ecstatic as you are. I'm glad that you want me to come back,I have been driving my dad up the wall.

While you have been at the W.A.W.I have been practicing the flying Duck Spell, it didn't go so well.First I made it hit a wall.Second it went far then turned and fell at my feet.What have you been doing?,Any new spells?I had a look at the spell it was a puzzler!Pages 95 &72 instead of a cat ...I got a gigantic BEAR!!!It had a auful smell coming it's half mouth half nose.It had a rotten eye, one foot and no arms. I have got to go because I need a new wand (56t).

I'll be waiting for you when I come back.Until Monday goodbye!!!!

Your amazing friend,

Star*- Good vocabulary

Star*- Intresting

Wish*- Forgot capatial letters
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