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Into The Wild- Rachel Room 11

Into the wild
Crusoe came eagerly to the side without waiting to be called. He could smell the fish that Kristie was carrying on a plate. Crusoe struggled out of the pond but didn’t succeed. He was desperate to get some delicious food.
“Come on everyone, let’s help him” bellowed Dad
“Kirstie bribe him with the fish and Angus you help her.
Grumble grab one flipper and will grab the other.
1, 2, 3, GO!
“Heave” chanted Grumble and Dad
“Come on put your backs into it” screamed Angus
Finally they got Crusoe out. The ground was shivering and sparkling with ice. As Kirstie bribed Crusoe over the pebbles Crusoe followed extremely slow. Suddenly Kirstie slipped across the ice. “Kirstie!” cried Mum.
“Are you ok “put in Dad
“I am fine” replied Kirstie.
Crusoe gobbled up the fish.
“What will we do Know” asked Kirstie with a puzzled look on her face
“I know said dad why don’t we slide him down to the lochan”
“Great!” shouted Angus
1, 2, 3, PUSH!”Screamed dad
Kirstie and Angus got on his back while Dad pushed Crusoe down the road. Eventually they got to the lochan. Crusoe made a loud excited sound and raced into the lochan. He turned back to look at everyone and then disappeared out of sight.

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