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Into The Wild - Poonam Room 11

Into the wild...

Crusoe came eagerly to the side without waiting to be called. He could smell the fish that Kirstie was carrying on a plate.

After that, Kirstie, Angus, Grumble, Mum and Dad tried to heave Crusoe out of the pond but it wasn’t so easy. They tried to heave Crusoe into the wheelbarrow, however Crusoe was too big and fat. Eventually they get him out. Grumble says “pulling him to the loch is well impossible besides Crusoe is so heavy.” They tempt Crusoe by showing him fish. Afterwards poor Kirstie falls because she bumps into huge Crusoe.

Then Dad gets an idea of sliding Crusoe down the hills and paths. Finally everyone gets Crusoe to the loch and slides him in. “PHEW!!!!!!” says everyone.
“Can we have lunch now said,” Angus.
“Sure said Mum.

By Poonam Jhakra

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