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Into The wild - Oran P6

Into The Wild...

Crusoe came eagerly to the side without waiting to be called. He could smell the fish that Kirstie was carrying on a plate.
Kirstie held the fish in front of his face. Crusoe tried to get it, but slipped on the icy rim. Dad got everyone set to help Crusoe. Crusoe tried again except, Dad and Grumble grabbed his flippers.
“Heave!” shouted Dad.
They managed to get him out the pond but he’s not the best on land. He slipped and slid on to the tarmac. Kirstie however slipped and Crusoe gobbled up all the fish.
“How will we get him to the loch now?” she asked.
“We’ll slid him!” said dad
So Grumble slid him down into the loch and away he went...

By Oran

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