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Into The Wild- Meaghan rm11

Into The Wild...

Crusoe came eagerly to the side without waiting to be called. He could smell the fish Kirstie was carrying on a plate.
Before he got hungrier Crusoe was desperate to get some food. He struggled to get out... 2 minutes later Crusoe finally got out the pond and followed Kirstie. All of a sudden, “ Ow!” screamed Kirstie.
“What Happened?” asked Angus.
“I slipped, but I’m ok,” replied Kirstie.
“Good,” said Dad in relief.
“Hurry up it’s getting cold,” said Grumble shriving. Dad had an idea,
” Why don’t we slide Crusoe along the ice?” suggested Dad.
“Good idea Dad,” replied Angus.... 12 minutes later they arrived at the loch.
“We’re here, finally,” Angus panted.
“Are you sure he’ll be alright?” asked Kirstie.
“Of course he will,” replied Dad.
“Bye Crusoe,” they all said one by one. Crusoe made a strange noise, they all knew what he meant. Crusoe left without another noise and dived into the water.

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