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Into The Wild- Jodie Hanlon Room 11

Crusoe came eagerly to the side without waiting to be called. He could smell the fish that Kirstie was carrying on a plate.
Crusoe was looking at the fish in starvation and just dying to eat it. He was looking at the fish and nothing else . He never took his eyes off of the fish! Kirstie was looking at Crusoe and she saw the hunger in his eyes, because he was told to find food for himself and he had not eaten in 24 hours (one whole day!)
Kirstie had not had seen the ice behind her and she went slid! Sending the fish went flying and as Kirstie went down and Crusoe gulped down all of the fish. Kirstie was very hurt but she picked herself up and rubbed off all of the dirt off of her clothes.
Everybody was shouting “Are you Okay my dear?”
She cried up “I’m fine!” in a very hurtful voice.
Crusoe looked at Kirstie as if to say “Ha Ha!”
Dad had an idea, he said “Wait a minute, the roads are slidy so......”
“We can slide him down!” continued granddad.
By Jodie Hanlon 2/2/09

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