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Write The Opening For A Legend - By Ellie :-)

4/4/08 Models For Writing
WALT – write the opening for a legend
A long time ago in a peaceful and small village, where everyone knew each other, it was just a normal and enjoyable day in the village. The village was on a hill top, so to get to the local supermarket, you had to walk down the hill (it was to steep for cars and bikes), then you had to get a boat and sail for about half an hour.

There were two girls called Rennie and Jessica, and they were aged 9 and 10. They were the best of friends and most of the time their mums and dads said they were closer than sisters!

One day the two girls decided to go to the local newsagents which is just across the road from the super market and they both knew the route backwards, forwards and probably even side-ways!!! They had an idea to go to the newsagents to get a magazine, juice and crisps and sweets, so off they went, down the long, long and very steep hill (by the time they actually got there, their legs were really tired!!!) Then it was time to go on the boat ... but it was too choppy to sail but none of them noticed this. They went onwards with their adventure. There was something on the water when Rennie and Jessica dipped their feet in to cool off. A big long type of devil / mermaid / dog / fish (a bit of everything really!) Then it came out from the water...
It rose up like the spirits rising from the dead. The girls were screaming wildly as the boat was rocking from side to side like you would do with a baby but in fast-forward ! As the sea monster rose, the girls were screaming and crying, "SILENCEEEEEEEEE!" roared the thing... as it rose from the deep blue sea. There was the sound of the monster shouting, the girls crying, the waves crashing and the thunder.
There was a flicker of hope as the girls, Rennie and Jessica saw another boat rowing towards them, but then the hope died. It had gone in the opposite direction. They were screaming but it was no use. They were gone.
But no ! They were behind the monster thing and they were about to throw their fishing net over it ! The man had a finger to his lips.... he was telling them to be quiet and stop screaming. They threw the net over the monster, it was trying to fight back but it was too tangled up in the net.
"YESSSSSSSSS!!!" screamed Rennie and Jessica as they hugged each other. The men anchored their boat down next to Rennie and Jessica's. The girls couldn't thank them enough. The men (they were called Shaun and David) and they were made princes. After all that fuss, the lived through their fear of going back into the sea. After that, they got on with life and told the tale to their families.
By Ellie P6 :-)

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