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Sapphire and the Snake by Hannah

A long time ago, on an island just off the coast of Spain there was an old castle that over looked the village of Monia.
In that castle lived a beautiful princess called Sapphire. She had long, straight brown hair and she looked after the village very well. The villagers were very pleasant and everyone loved Sapphire.
But one day the sky turned black and a giant snake slithered into Monia and wrapped itself around the castle and trapped Sapphire inside. The villagers were petrified and the gossip spread all over Spain, Italy and France.
Now the King of Spain was Sapphires father and he was outraged when he found out about this so he set a challenge he said, ‘who ever can free Sapphire and kill this horrible beast can have her hand in marriage.’
The prince of France heard about this challenge and he set off to Monia and he tried to kill the snake but he did not succeed . So the prince of Canada tried to save poor Sapphire but he too did not succeed. At last the prince of Italy tried and he was full of courage and bravery and he cut the beast in half and saved Sapphire and like the King said he got her hand in marriage. They had a lovely wedding and had three kids called Mona, Minnie and Mandy.

*star*-I think this piece of writing is very interesting

*star*- You wrote it in 3 paragraphs

?wish?- you don't have any wishes

From Malihah and Ellie
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