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The River Monster by Sarah

Long, long ago on the hills of Glencoe, before the houses were built a legend was created.
The hills stood tall and proud so high their tips were in the clouds. On one side of the hills there were fields and fields of luscious green grass but this story’s not set there, its set in the village on the other side of the hill, called Ballahullish.
The village was a small village with only a farm, one or two shops and a few scattered houses.
The people in Ballahullish weren’t poor nor rich and were all good friends. The village was a happy village until the River Monster came.
There was a river that wove in and out between the houses in Ballahullish and that’s where the monster lived. It went around gobbling up the people in the village but they were still alive in the monster’s tummy. When you were lying in your bed you could hear the eaten people’s cries for help echoing around the village.

*star*- You have used good vocabulary
*star*- You have good openers
?wish?- You could have used more puntuation to make it better

From Malihah and Ellie
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