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Moving Water by Melissa

On the seaside of Newqauy there is a little town. In that town there are shops and houses. Long, long ago, there was no town but only a beach. There were some towns near that one beach. All the people who lived in they towns could never be happier. They were the happiest people in the world.

One day a little girl and her parents went to the beach.

The little girl Sophie could see something in the water. It looked like stones but it wasnt. Sophie screamed as loud as she could.Sophie what’s wrong?” said her Dad. Sophie just pointed in the water. They realised it was a sea creature. The sea creature opened its mouth trying to grab Sophie by her dress.

*+STAR+* good VCOP
*+STAR+* i enjoyed reading your legend.
?!WISH!? i dont think you have any

Ellie :-)
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