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Magasaur by Emma M

Long Long ago at the seaside carnival in the city of Unismick. Under the little rides it had the biggest ride in the world and it gets better it used to be a Magasuar (it’s a half flying and half water animal) in the year 1311.

It as so much fun watching and listening to the kids running, laughing, screaming and playing on the rides. Most families were very pleasant and joyful. This one little boy on the ride ten times and got so sick he had to go back home. The ride has five loop the loops and when it finishes it finishes with BANG!!!!! (Probably because it’s so old) So many people crammed into the small carnival park from all over the country to celebrate the 696th anniversary.

Then that day the sky turned back and all that you could hear was ball the people screaming of the crowd, running for their lives THE RIDE HAS COME ALIVE AHHHHH!!!!! yelled the crowd. A car pulled up and someone jumped out. Everyone stopped and looked “who’s that?” the crowd discussed between themselves.

*star*-good use of VCOP

*star*-very good story

wish-watch your spelling
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