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The Headless Horseman by Logan S

In the very heart of Finland Forest, under the starlit sky where Finnish children used to play and the adults used to be working hard Alex and his Dad called Nagol have their colourful tents and their peaceful burning fire, singing campfire songs to the sound of Nagol’s guitar.

But there is a legend that Alex and Nagol are not aware of. Deeper into the forest is a house made from a giant pumpkin, with burning candles in the window and lots of bare, crooked trees swooping around it. There are always three on the roof squawking out the dark, jet-black sky. Here lives The Headless Horseman!

Stories tell us that he has a black leather cloak, with a green inside and a pumpkin for a head. He goes around with his shiny, blood covered, sharp axe chopping peoples heads of for lunch. Apparently he rides a black horse faster than the fastest cars. Alex and Nagol don’t know what to expect.

cool story Logan, plus very good colours you used! Gret work!
What a good story - I like your description! Have a look at our school blog - we are just beginning to get it up and running in Manchester, UK.
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