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The Great Sea-Witch!!! By Heather

Long long ago there was a city and in that city there was a town and in that town there was a village, and it all took place in a sea-side called Drakmourth.

Drakmourth was the happiest place in the world. It had children playing and the sea swaying in the breeze. There had never been a rainy day in Drakmourth. To get water the people had to go to the gushing gusar of Goby, which had the freshest water through the whole land!

One day Jully was going up to get water she found Sue and Taz there to. (They were also getting water). Suddenly they burst into a sea of tears. “What is ever the matter?’’Jully askedWe were .... Walking down the beach with Josef ... “Sue said quietly.” And Said Jully.”Well ... we saw this thing ... in the sand ... and we sort of pulled it ...” Sue said and before she could say anymore Taz butted in and he screamed (still crying) A hole opened up and Josef fell in it.” Suddenly there was a big CRASH! Then a puff of smoke and the ground shook and then there stood right in front of them the ugliest sea-witch they had ever seen !?! They all screamed!!! Terrified they slowly backed off!!!

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