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Disaster at the Beach! By Jennifer Ritchie

4/4/08 WALT: write the opening for a legend.

Once apon a time, long, long ago, beside a village, there was a seaside. That seaside has been closed for a long time ever since ...

There once lived a family, a mum, dad, two twin boys and a little girl. All their life they had been full of laughter and happiness, until one day the laughter and happiness fled from the beach.

One day the little girl, Aleigsha was making a sand castle and the boys, Jim and James were splashing each other in the water, their mum and dad were sunbathing in the hot sun. Everyone was having fun. Some teenagers were playin volleyball, other kids were burrying each other in the sand.

Then suddenly a big seamonster came out making everyone terrified,"HELP, a big scary, weird looking monster!" screamed James. Everyone was running for their lifes.

The monster was hurting everyone, he was spitting water at everyone. He even through a little boy in the sea. He was smacking down rocks, srangling people with his wiggly arms. Everyone was terrified. Jim screames "WHAT IF HE KILLS US!"

Then suddenly someone came flying over the hills "don't worry I will save you,"A man called 'Jay-man' said. Jay-man tried shooting the monster, using bows and arrows but the monster just wouldn't die.Jay-man tried everything but it just wouldn't work. But then he thought f something. "I have an idea!"Jay-man had thought of a brilliant idea. He discovered a big cage and he then placed it on the sand and put a big, juicy steak right in the middle of the cage. When the seamonster came to eat the steak the cage trapped him inside. the big seamonster got pushed down a big, massive mountain! Jay-manwas praised forever and everyone loved him .He stayed near the beach and saw everyone everyday. He had a happy life from then on.

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