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The Crocodile Rock By Caitlin

The Crocodile Rock
Years Ago Millport, it was just a normal day. People going past on bikes, people having ice-cream. Just an ordinary day.

Kirsty aged five was down in Millport for a day with her two younger sisters Becky and Rachael. Kirsty was bored out of her skull unlike her sisters she was not having fun. So she decided to go for a wander down to the crocodile rock! As her mum and sisters went bonkers, she was sitting quite the thing on the crocodile rock!

Then suddenly the tide came in, she was stranded. All of a sudden she felt herself rise. It was the crocodile rock, it had come alive!

Rachael and Becky could see Kirsty. So they went to get their mum. Jackie came, jumped over the railing onto the crocodile rock. The sisters where happier now but only for a little while because the crocodile rock started moving back and back until it was out of sight! Then the rock had a huge yawn, Kirsty was terrified. Then the rock started sinking.....

All the crowed were gob-smacked! Becky and Rachael were screaming with fear and terror whilst everyone else was running about looking for help.

The Garrison doors flew open and John came out. Even though he only owned the Garrison he had muscles like a wrestler! He said " Have no fear, I will help. Go into your houses and dont come out until I walk past your home!"

The next day when the tide was out, John could see the rock, lying in the harbour as well as Jackie and Kirsty! (Becky and Rachael stayed with John the night Jackie and Kirsty went missing.) John then reunided Jackie and Kirsty with their family. Then John through the biggest rock he could see at the crocodile and it froze, back to the normal rock! Eveyone was ever so happy now!

Despite everything that had happened that week, when they left they had a smile on their face and Millport was back to the quite little island!

great storybut please try to make a bit of sence!
graet work

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