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The Castle of Hitler

WALT write the opening for a legend

On a stormy beach of Germany, stands a small and proud castle. The castle was used in World War II when the Nazi party fought in the War. The castle is based in a clean and happy village.

The Men and Woman in the village are friendly and peaceful. Some of the people believe that the heart of Hitler is in the castle. But no one goes near it so that’s why they live happy.

But one dark stormy night the sky turned green and the village went blue. A grey suspicious dragon came running out of the castle. The Men and Woman ran out of the village screaming and crying, as they heard the dragon shouting "I love eating children." The whole village turned back and laughed we don’t have any children. The dragon said wrong address as he ran away and the village people went back into the houses.

By Max

*star*-very funny story

*star*-very good use of VCOP

wish-you have no wish
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